Alyssa Monti

Alyssa has been dancing since she was two years old and competed in dance from age 6-18 years old. She has won awards as both a student and a teacher. She attended many competitions over the years both in and out of state as well as conventions such as 24 Seven and Tremaine. She worked hard for her technique but the passion came easily. Dance helped her get through many obstacles and continues to be a release from the everyday stresses of life.  Her mother was a dance teacher for 32 years before her, specializing in preschool ages. At the age of 8 years old Alyssa began assisting her mom in teaching the younger kids, learning the special techniques one needs to handle little ones. Alyssa began teaching on her own 3 years ago.  Alyssa, like her mother, specializes in preschool and elementary ages. Alyssa also loves teaching older ages and competition classes. Her favorite age group though is 3-6 year olds. She incorporates stories and props in order to make class more entertaining and memorable. Her “baby” classes are her pride and joy and she spends lots of time making sure they look just as good as the “big girls” when recital time comes. Alyssa loves seeing dancers grow and find themselves whether it is competitively or recreationally. She hopes to inspire her students and spread her passion of dance to the upcoming generations.  Alyssa also attends Brockport for child psychology and wants to continue her work with children in both dance and the mental health field. She takes ballet classes at Brockport as well and is continuing her own dance education and technique.